Welcome to Analyst Investment Management plc. Analyst Investment Management was founded in 2000. We provide discretionary investment management services to private and institutional clients. We are independent and differentiate ourselves by focusing our research on a limited number of companies or sectors we believe we can understand well enough to gain an advantage. Our objective is to achieve long-term capital growth without exposing our clients’ capital to undue risks.

We follow a value-oriented approach pioneered by Benjamin Graham in the United States, and exemplified by his most famous student, Warren Buffett. We invest predominantly in small and mid-cap listed UK companies we believe are undervalued, because of short-term negative events or simple neglect.

We focus on absolute returns and are not interested in stocks that are 'relatively' cheap. We also believe in concentrating our clients’ portfolios in the most attractive investment ideas, even if there is short-term market price volatility. We try to minimise portfolio turnover because transaction costs reduce returns and limit the beneficial effects of compounding.

Our fee structure is transparent with no initial charges, low annual fees and rewards for out-performance